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Smoking pellets

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Hey guys I am new to the smoking world I was reading the directions on my masterbuilt elite sportsman electric smoker and it says not to use them I am just wondering is it unsafe or can I still do it and what's the reason why?
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Welcome to the forum. As for your pellet ?, there is a chance of violent flareups which could be dangerous. Get the AMNPS from and you can burn their pellets for up to 12 hours of continuous smoke. Most folks with electric smokers use them.

Happy smokin', David.

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I have a MES 40 and trust me don't use pellets, just don't. Wow that was scary.

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sometime the pellets in a MES smoke tray will do what I call a blow back.,when the oxygen starved pellets get a whiff of too much air.You'll know it when it happens because it sounds like a small shotgun going off and smoker fills with creoste quickly and you will have to smother it back out to get under control again....Use the AMPS tray instead. It works. So does the tube smoker, it works even better.



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Yeah the AMPS tray is the ticket. Love mine. Takes a little practice to get it right but once I removed the feeder tray and tube and opened the vent all the way no problems.

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