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First Time Fatties (Brisket and Breakfast)

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After admiring them for a long time, I decided to try my hand at a couple fatties.

I had some leftover Brisket so I added some diced Jalapeno and Sharp White cheddar to it and put in mild Italian sausage.

I also love breakfast so I did one with Eggs, country style potatoes and cheese.


I prefer the breakfast one because the brisket got a little too greasy from the point of brisket. I think that's the first time I've ever said something was too greasy. My journey is below




Sorry it's sideways

Hash browns and Eggs (with some Bacon mixed in because...bacon)


first bacon weave, in hindsight, about 4 pieces too small



My Breakfast roll, I got so excited I didn't get a good picture of contents. I also didn't roll tight enough.


Brisket, Jalapenos and plenty of cheese


Little better roll this time too




Both rested in the wrap over night so I could do some family stuff on Saturday. Added some Boudain cause I'd never smoked it before. I will never make it any other way.


Only 4 of these survived the day.




Brisket Jalapeno and Cheese


Breakfast, I wish it was a little more cheesy.


Put a couple slices between some leftover pancakes this morning with some syrup for possibly the greatest breakfast sandwich known to man.


A great experience, I will be trying lots more of these with different combos in the future.

Thanks for checking it out. 

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Welcome to the forum!


From the looks of the pictures, you're a quick study!  Nice work on those!


Careful though, they are habit forming.  You'll be thinking of all kinds of things to put inside one now!

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M1018, Excellent looking fatties !

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Those look terrific!!! Wish I had those i my fridge for a quick breakfast!!

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