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Cedar smokehouse

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Took my dad and I a Saturday to build this. We had to experiment with a few different heat sources and configurations but it'll get as hot as I need it and is easy to maintain at whatever temperature is needed. We love it so far and have cooked a few meals on it! Just looking for a good dehydrator so we can start making jerkey! If you have any suggestions for improvement or any questions please let us know!

NOTE: this is not the final working picture. The smokey joe did not get it hot enough and we used black stove pipe. I will update this tonight with better updated [IMG]pictures !

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Looks like a great start from here!


It's hard to beat doing a project with your father!


Looking forward to some goodies coming out of that smoker!

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Thank you sir !

Here's an updated picture [IMG]
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That just looks good!  Nice job!


Now lets see some smoked creations!

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Very nice looking! 

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