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Vac sealing question

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Ok so my MOM bought a food saver for Xmas. I smoked some cheese a week or so ago and cling wrapped it and put in zip lock bags. Would I lose anything by transferring it to the vac system. Giving the cheese and homemade Canadian bacon for Xmas gifts. Oh yeah she bought me a meat slicer also. Yeah she loves me. Or maybe she loves my attempts at smoking. Either way I think I win.
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I don't see where it would hurt anything to transfer it. I would have the bags ready to go so you can get them resealed as quickly as possible.

Smoke it up.
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Thanks that's what I thought.
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Yep transfer it,,, I have some cheese I smoked in 2013 still no mold,,Others have longer smokes some up to 5+ yrs,,,trick is no air  no mold,,I just opened some from last March and OMG,,, Good stuff 



Good luck



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Thanks plan on doing it tomorrow. I have alot of people waiting with anticipation. Christmas eve will be two weeks hope it's good.
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