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Hey guys and gals,

I know there isn't as much talk about slicers as there is about other tools in our arsenals , but does anyone know

if I can buy a serrated blade for my Cabelas 10" slicer ? I need it to slice semi-frozen meat for my jerky. I tried asking

the people at the store but it seems as if they don't know what I am talking about.

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Here is there CSR number from the slicer page, just give them a jingle tomorrow.


Customer Service at 1-800-753-3218.

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Thanks for that # foamheart. I just called my just my luck - they don't make one . Oh well guess I wont be selling my warning pro 7"

after all !!

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Sorry, but thank you. I was placing an order with Cabellas for that slicer and when I placed it, it was 00:15 and the sale was over. I never thought of a serrated blade. I have been cursing myself, but now I feel better.


Don't give up, I bet there is one out there you just gotta learn where.

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Maybe you could fine out who makes the slicer for Cabelas and what make/model the blade interchanges with.  While I might get surprised I doubt Cabelas sells enough of them to have a proprietary blade design. 



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Thanks for the heads up.... Next batch of bacon, that I partially freeze before slicing, I will try the serrated blade... The smooth blade tends to "pull" on the meat.....
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