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Pork Butt and Ribs

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Well I have been hiding in Alabama for training over two weeks now sun is up smoker is going. I am trying to smoke a pork butt this time with a mustard and rub no injections Will post pics and tell ya how it went. I pop in now and than here and read still lots to learn especailly a good rub mixture.

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You should buy Jeff's rub, you get a couple rubs and his sauce recipe as well. The best part it helps the site going! I like have used the rub on chicken and pork with tasty results haven't made the sauce yet.
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The sauce is great too. I make it a little sweeter with a little less heat. That's a real good thing about Jeff's recipes, they are a really good base and you can adapt them to your personal taste.

Good luck and good smokin', Joe
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That was the issue tonight inside teh meat was great the outside with rub was not to the wife's likings and I enjoyed it but could have been better. So I was trying to do my own rub seems I am not mastering that yet. Any reciepts would help. I like a littel sweet and just a littel heat but want more BBQ sause taste and meat taste. Our BBQ sause saved the day as we made some that was good. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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