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Ideas for a spiral cut ham?

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I will be smoking a spiral cut ham for Christmas and need some ideas. I have searched through the threads already but was hoping for some input here.


I have read about injecting the ham. Give me your favorite injections you use...


Also, what recipe for dry rub do you prefer? I saw a video of Jeff's and read several threads using Jeffs rub but have not seen the recipe.

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Spiral cut ham would be pretty hard to inject since it is sliced.

Since spiral cut hams are already cooked and cured I'd skip injecting or brining.

For a rub I like to keep it simple and use pepper, garlic, chipotle powder. I don't do salt because the ham is already salty enough.

Near the end I like to put on a sweet with heat glaze. I will make it using either apricot or peach preserves, pineapple, garlic, mustard, beer, butter and Sriracha. Heat and reduce down. Apply to the ham the last hour of your cook.
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