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Did some ribs, turned out well....

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His was my second attempt at ribs, they were a little fatter than I would have liked but flavor rocked.

Maple syrup caramelized and paired with the rub, was great![IMG]

Used the rest of my AMNPS through the mailbox and then hickory chips in MES.
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Nice smoke!  :thumbsup:



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Nice smoke, I like the fatter ribs... icon14.gif
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Thanks guys, they ended up a lot more tender than the last ribs I did, and on those I did the 2-2-1 method.

With these I did nothing besides put some maple syrup on them about 30min before pulling them out. I didn't wrap in foil, flip, or even open the smoker....

Seems like the less I am involved in the smoke, the better it turns out. Lol.
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Yep!  I let my ribs go for 5 hrs before I even lift the lid.  I just make sure to keep the smoker between 225 and 250, perfect results each time.



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Yea, I've never foiled... Not saying anything bad about foiling, just never done it ! I just smoke til the ribs are toothpick tender & they turn out great ! icon14.gif
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My smoker likes to run at 260-275* so my baby backs are usually cooked to a good bending point in about 3 hours naked. Then I sauce/glaze them for about 30 minutes. I smoked ribs unwrapped for many years until it became popular about 4-5 years ago to wrap. I was getting mushy overcooked ribs. They were not fall off the bone, when I took them out, they had already fallen off the bone. About a year or more ago, I stopped wrapping and my ribs returned to what I used to have. I have been getting great results by smoking them naked. So that's my $0.02.
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Looks great I too never wrap I dry rub then about 30 minutes before I pull I put BBQ sauce on them.

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