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I am selling this custom made smoker due to an unexpected residence relocation and there will not be room for it. It is made from steel and it is extremely heavy!

It comes with a cover and an ash scraper. I never had the chance to cook on it, but I did create a fire to cure the metal. It performed very well with flame and heat management.

I paid $1200.00 for this custom made smoker and I am sell it for $900

Length- 70 1/2 inches
Height- 65 1/2 inches including smokestacks, 47 inches to top of barrel
Depth- 30 inches
Barrel diameter 20 inches
Opening 47 x 14 inches

This smoker is enormous! It will be a multiple person pick up and there will be a need for a large pick-up truck.

Might I also suggest a load trailer. Leave me a message if you are interested.