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High altitude Brisket

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I'm headed to Alma Colorado Dec 26 and wile I'm there I will be cooking a Snake River brisket at 13,300 Feet.  I have been reading some info on this forum about high altitude cooking but I have to say it has me more confused.  in Alma water boils at 198 so does that mean if I normal cook a brisket to 206 that I should cook it to 192 for similar tenderness and should cooking time be shorter or longer.

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Brisket is good at any altitude!!   That said, and I don't have much experience at it, I just moved from 1200' to about 8000, and It seems like pulled pork, ribs & such seem to be done in about 3/4 of the time it used to-  as always, a good thermometer is key. Brisket is unpredictable, to say the least, so get 'er in early!!   Enjoy!


PS Beer & brisket at 13,000 ft -   nighty nite......

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