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First Beef Roast

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I'm smoking a beef roast for the first time. What is the beat temp and amount of time to smoke the roast. I plan on using hickory, unless someone has a better suggestion.
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What cut is ? We need to know that or we can't help you.
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The package just says beef roast. I didn't buy it, it was giving to me by the church. They are pretty bleak about packaging actual cut types.
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Can you post a photo of the roast?
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It won't upload, sorry
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Can you give a rough temp and time
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Well if it's like a chuck roast with lots of marbled fat you want to take the roast to an internal temp around 200 and cook it low and slow. Smoker set to 225-250. That can take most of a day to cook. These roasts are for pulling not so much for slicing.

If it's a lean roast like top, bottom, or eye round you want to cook it however you like steak (rare, med-rare, medium, well). Rare being 125, med-rare 130-135, medium 140, well anything past that. Because these are lean roasts and you are cooking to lower temps they cook faster. I like to run my smoker at lower temps 180-200 to get more smoking time. These roast to get to an IT of 130-135 usually take 2-3 hours. They need to rest for 30-45 minutes wrapped in foil prior to slicing.
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Thank you! I believe it's a chuck roast. It has a lot of fat.
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I got great advice on this forum about Chuck Roast  I smoke for 2 to 3 hrs put it in a pan dump a can of Dr Pepper in cover and put in the oven at 210 for about 4hrs

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