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The problem with making sausage........

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The problem with making sausage, is after making 14 lbs, 5 days later all you had is gone.........And you get to make sausage again on Saturday, but with extra orders from friends that sampled your last wares........  Yes, I know...... PLEASE don't throw me in that briar patch!!!!!!


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hahaha this post makes me laugh because I know exactly what you mean.  I have been making bacon and sausage for almost a year now and I swear, 75% is given away to friends and family.  And I always make huge batches because I figure if I am going to dirty up the equipment (grinder, stuffer, slicer, etc.) I might as well make a bunch and only have to clean up once.


Those look good!  Are they kielbasa?

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No just South Mississippi Smoked Sausage.  It's fully cooked, not Medium for freezing.  

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Your snausages look good there,, care to share any info on them?? 


Yep dont give any out you are causing alot of smoking suasage time LOL,,, Guy the other day called and asked if he could bring 25lbs of deer to me,, I said yep but I get 1/2 when done since I supply everything,, he did not have a problem with that. 


Good luck 



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Sure, DriedStick.  I just ordered Rebel Butcher Supply's, Smoked Sause spices and cure for and mixed it with ground Boston Butt, Cold Smoked for an hour and a half with coals and Jack Daniels Smoking Pellets, then cranked up the heat to 190 with the LP burner under the dutch oven I use as my smoke generator, adding pellets as needed until internal sausage temp was 160.

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