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New to the Smoking World

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Hello all. I stumbled on this forum when researching a smoker purchase. Wow, what a knowledgeable group!

I now have a MES40 and any wait to get it seasoned this weekend. My only experience with smoking has been doing a few pork butts with a Weber propane grill using indirect heat and a small smoker box. The results were good, but definitely not the right tool for the job!

I can't wait to learn more from you all as I get started with real smoking.
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:welcome1:To SMF hope you enjoy the sight the only unanswered question is the one you have not asked. There is an article on the front page called the Initial Greetings it will help to get around the sight. There is a great bunch of guys here willing to help and the like pictures.

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Welcome to the site and congratulations on your "official smoker".  It should make your time and efforts more rewarding.


There is a lot of info available here and it is just a posted question or search away.


I look forward to seeing and reading about your smoke projects.

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Happy you are here.  We have a lot of MES owners here on SMF.  Be sure to join the MES group. You'll find lots of hints and tips for your new machine! b

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