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First Smoke!

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Just wanted to share what I prepared! This smoking thing is pretty fun! Stoked this turned out as well as it did!
Monday, cracked open a 30" Masterbuilt electric digital smoker.
I seasoned it Tuesday with apple chips.
Later went to the store and picked this shoulder up. Wasn't 100% sure what I was looking for but basically looked at the fat cap and went be what looked to be "reasonable." This was about 7.5 lbs.

There is a local who makes amazing BBQ sauce and it's sold in select "mom & pop" stores. Luck would have it, he makes a rub too that I found by chance at a popular food chain! I loaded this up with that and added about half a cup of brown sugar.

I let it sit overnight in a bowl and covered it with foil.
I meant to start early the next day, but got delayed an hour. I set the smoker at 7am at 225. As it was heating I got the meat and put apple cider vinegar in the water tray. I used apple chips.

Unfortunately I don't have a remote thermometer (it'll be ordered soon!), but I refused to check it and let it smoke. I replaced chips about every hour for 3-4 hours and put more cider vinegar in are about 3-4 hours in. I also sprayed it down a bit a few times too. It was looking (and smelling) pretty good!

Then the stall! At 1pm it was stuck at 160. I decided to wrap it in foil around 3pm.

I was getting impatient. Hoping to have this done by 5:30, I turned the heat up to 235 around 4:30. It slowly crept up and around 5:45 she hit 190!

At my friends advice, I let it sit for just over an hour (torture!). But the end results were AMAZING!!!

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Looks great, love the pictures of your process, well done !!! Bought the same smoker a few weeks ago, and am happy with it.

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