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Never thought about flipping them. I am thinking capillary action and osmosis beat gravity in meats.

But I understand what you are doing here. Looking for any excuse to sniff , touch those puppies. :-)

I did too...for me it was checking weight loss ...way more often than needed.
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Yep, I am currently looking for a hanging scale so I can take their weights without disturbing the nice even coating of mold! Figure I can get a luggage scale and hang them by their strings to get their weight.
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Hey guys, wanted to give you all an update on my sopressatta.
Just returned from Christmas vacation, checked in on my sausages, and they cruised along at 11-13 deg C and 80-83% RH since I left on 12-18-15.

They are looking great, and two of them (the smallest two) are at 31% and 32% weight loss after 26 days! Not a single spot of any other mold except pure white bactoferm M-600!

I will cut open the 32% one tomorrow and see how it is on density and texture, and will post some pics!

Sausages seem great to the touch, nice and firm but without any case hardening, or so it feels like to me! Can't wait to see how they turned out!

Stuffed on 12-8-15 and hit 30% weight loss 25 days later.
Ruhlman's book says 3-4 weeks, so I am spot on there.

Here is what they look like today, will take some cut sausage pics tomorrow!

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Jason, morning....    At 80-83% humidity they will be beautiful...  Perfect.....  No case hardening...




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Went ahead and pulled #4 (far right), it was at 33.7% weight loss. Target was 568g @ 30%, but when I got home it was at 538g (33.7%) so I went ahead and pulled it.


It is FANTASTIC! Firm but not dry, even consistency from edge to edge, and excellent moisture throughout!

Very slight 1/16" darker on the edge, but the edge is not dry at all, same exact consistency as all the way thru.


VERY happy with this recipe! It has just the slightest bit of heat, mild in my book but would be mild/under medium to most folks I think.

I will bump up the hot when I do the next batch, as I like mine medium hot.  This one is perfect for most audiences!


Salt is spot on, so that is great! Casing comes off perfectly and easily.


Could not be happier at this point!  Cut this one in 4 pieces and vacuum sealed them and put them in the fridge to rest.


I plan on pulling #3 at 40% weight loss and comparing the texture and flavor.


Anyway, sorry for the rambling post but I am so happy with this recipe!


Pics for you all below.





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Beautiful salami.
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Thanks Guys!


When I was away for 2 weeks on vacation, I was worried that my humidifier would run out of water.  It didn't, but it was awfully close to empty when I got back (at least I know it can run 14 days without refilling now!)


I got to thinking about how I could monitor my chamber, look for unwanted mold developing, etc. while I was away.  So the camera thing was in my mind the whole time.


I have friends that can stop by and refill the humidifier, wipe off any unwanted mold (never had anything other than pure white M600 so far, but you never know), etc. if I call them.

But I hate to have them opening the door, checking on the salumis, etc. if unnecessary.  Don't want to waste their time if not required.


I had a gift card from Best Buy, left over from points collected from Christmas presents, so I bought a wireless D-Link camera today for $69.


Got home, set up up, and it works amazingly well inside the chamber! 


I installed an LED night light that turns on/off when the humidifier turns on/off, so that I can have a color view of the inside of the chamber or a total darkness IR view the rest of the time.

Works like a charm! I can monitor the chamber real time from anywhere that has wireless, and from the free app on my phone.  Technology used at its most ridiculous!


Here are a couple of screen shots from the camera from my phone, one in total darkness (IR only) and one when the night light comes on and the camera switches over to daytime mode automatically.  Jugs sitting on the floor are extra gallons of distilled water for the humidifier, I store them in the chamber.


My wife and boys think I am absolutely crazy....par for the course they say! :-)  Enjoy!



You can see the humidifier pumping out the humidity in this infrared shot (looks like fog!)




And full color with the night light on:


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