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Wood ID

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I recently got some wood that the guy said was oak. As far as I can tell it is live oak. Can anyone verify this. From the photos. Thanks [IMG][IMG]
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This is a bigger log
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Looks like white oak here
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The leaves don't look like whit oak. The leaves I have in the picture are from the top of the tree and where in a smaller branch so I don't know. I'll get into the bigger logs in a few days. There is another one right beside this one he said I could cut down too. I'll fell it and see what I can get from that. I was gonna use it for smoking but if I can't get a good id I'll just use it in the fire pit. He did have some persimon too he said I could have
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It doesnt really what type of oak, all oak is good to smoke with. We have red and white hete.
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I'm certain it's oak just wasn't sure what type. I've used red oak before when smoking a whole sheep and it turned out great. I'll let it season and give it a go. I'm gonna load up on it for sure there is a bunch left
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