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I also agree ground meat can be cooked safely using the pasteurization chart but as wade has stated it all comes down to personal confidence and the levels of understanding with what you are doing. IMHO the USDA has come up with a pretty cut and dry solution for instant kill of microorganisms in ground meat to ensure the highest level of food safety to the consumer.!ut/p/a1/jZDLCsJADEW_xQ8YkloVXcqA2Kot4mucjUQ7bQd0Ku34_HqrblR8Javk3kPCBQkCpKG9TsjqzND6OsvGAofYcFoc_bDldNALpsOwxzk2R_XSMP9iCNw_-Q_Vxl-8_8eBaj7ggwTklmzKtIkzEImyjExxUHkBIs6yiBUUK3tiMa0sK1KlbClcd-ympmSitTYJiCXlS7XaqRKP2AMJgo8XnonUEWYgn79Cp2wvcEe1rh-4GNZeDW9iuxs-57LdTMS53-6i9ioXHjLtmQ!!/#8

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Exactly, and well said, Joe.


When I recommend a temp, I'm recommending it to all Forum users, not just those of us who know about special circumstances.

And I'm recommending things that the owner of the forum wants recommended (USDA recommendations).


The first post on the Thread you linked (From Jeff) sums it up as well as can be IMHO:






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Thanks Joe, It is great to see that everyone is in agreement Thumbs Up


The FSIS document you quoted though is specifically for grilling food - "Use these simple guidelines for grilling food safely" - and in this situation it is much more important to ensure that the correct temperature is reached, as the food is likely to be taken up to that temperature very quickly on the grill and then quickly removed. This is not usually the situation when smoking snack sticks or other meat joints.


You also point to the SMF "Final word on food safety". The "FSIS Guidance on Safe Cooking of Non-Intact Meat Chops, Roasts, and Steaks April 2009" is also an FDA recommendation and so is fully in line with the forum rules.


I think what is needed to be emphasised are the situations under which various temperatures should, or should not, be used - with a strong emphasis on using the recognised recommended safe temperatures. I do not know the exact situation that Bear found himself in when he "got yelled at !!!" but we need to make sure that this does not occur when someone is stating something that us both safe and also complies with FSIS/FDA guidelines. 

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I would have to say "Yelled At" was an exaggeration used to emphasize my point.


Let's say, I was  "Informed" that 160° IT is the USDA recommended Internal Temp for Beef & Pork Ground meat, therefore it is the Temp to be recommended on SMF.


I Agreed Entirely. No sense confusing things for those who don't have charts to go by.




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