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Made some Keilbasa

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The Spice and cure I used



In the fridge for an overnight rest

Next day, into the

First Look, after about an Hour in the smoker @ 100 degrees


Sorry for the blurry picture

The Money



They tasted great.  I got the spice mix form Boykjo, and  I do thank you greatly.  I did add some garlic powder to the spice mix, which I mixed with some water, then added to the ground meat.  I also added some dried diced garlic also, maybe 2 tbsps.    My first weight for the diced up Pork was 3.08 lbs and the Pkg I had was for 20 lbs, so I weighed the spice pack, then divided that weight by 20, to a per pound amount, then using a calculator, multiplied the amount I had to use per pound by 3.08 and got the amount I needed for this much meat.  I ground the meat twice, once through the biggest holed die, then through the next size down.

Now, that out focus picture above was not done on purpose, but in retrospect, I think it was OK on my part, because the one I sliced open for that shot was one, where on the first sausage had a blowout and that sausage, after fixing it, was probably the sausage that was least stuffed.

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Very nice ! icon14.gif
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Dang it man thems there look good, Nice job 


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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Oh Man those look good! Care to share the recipe, or is it a secret?points.gif
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