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Well I just dropped another Christmas gift idea hint on my wife . I have been talking about a new probe thermometer for

awhile . I would like one with 2 probes, one to measure IT and the other for smoker temp. She just said write down what I want

and she would shop for it. problem is that I don't know which one to get. I am not even sure if they make such a thing ( I think I saw

one in a post somewhere on here ) Any suggestions / help ??

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Maverick makes one with multiple probes , I-Grill 2 has multiple probes and also Tapacue has one with multiple probes. use the search bar above and you will find reviews and many other posts reverencing these units. I apologize if I inadvertently left any out of the above list.



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I've got a Maverick ET-733, and love it. 2 probes, either one or both can be set for meat or cooker temp, high or low temp alarm, and they claim 300 foot range.
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Thanks Dave I have been looking into the maverick ones . It seems like everyone that has one really likes it and the reviews I see

don't look bad either . That might be the one I go with

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There is always sales on the Mavericks around Christmas, I could not live, or smoke, without mine!  :banana_smiley:

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Using a maverick as well, got it on amazon pretty cheap w/ free shipping (thank you prime). Accurate out of the box, alarm makes multitasking a bit easier, and is pretty damn durable (I have a 4 year old who "watches the meat" and drops the receiver often).
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Thanks for the info everyone ! I just ordered a maverick et733 (black) from CUTLERY AND MORE.COM.

They have a site wide 20% off sale . paid 55.99 w/free shipping !!

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