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Power marinade ?

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I did a pound of top sirloin recently using Cabela's jerky kit cure and seasoning.First attempt, It was the best I ever had. Ready to start another batch today.  My question is: If I use the marinade function on my Foodsaver 3880 and the marinade bowl can I skip the overnight soaking process and go straight to the smoker? Or is this a time critical reaction?


Another question is Since the seasoning and cure are packaged separately and in a quantity for #5 and I mixed them to weigh the correct amount for the first pound, is having been stored mixed for a couple of weeks a problem? I just don't see why they were packaged separately. 


Thanks  ..  Matt

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DM, I would marinate overnight to assure a good result or you can experiment and let us know if it works !

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Thanks CM, I did let it go overnight and just finished it in the pellet smoker. It's great!

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Matt, I think the cure is separated from the spice so you could make less then the 5# batch and you could weigh/mix accordingly. Good to hear your jerky was a success.

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