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anyone have this masterbuilt?

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Masterbuilt 30 in. Digital Electric Smoker with Window and Remote Control

wondering if anyone has this  30 in digital--home depot has it online; is this a good smoker?  Is electric better to buy vs. others?

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The MES unit is a good unit, Many people here own them and love them.

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I have a MES 30 gen 1. Love it. It's great for cold smoking (with an AMNPS). Great overall smoker, if you like low and slow.

The biggest negatives are:
--no smoke ring Not a big thing.
--a lot less bark than a stick burner.

If you get it, don't trust the OEM temp gauges--mine were way off. Get a good two probe digital therm.

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Check out Costco before you buy this. Masterbuilt Electric Smoker or MES for short are great, or at least the new one I bought is and from what I read everyone else here seems to like them too! But, I bought a MES 40 at Costco for $320 and a few days later saw this MES 30 at Homedepot for 300. For an extra 20 dollars I got a ton of extra cooking space. Also I did the boil test and the factory temp probes were only a few degrees off of my maverick, all my ITs have been perfect. I recommend doing a price check and going with the bigger one! Good luck!
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check your local ACE, they have the MES 30 Black non window rear control with Rib Rack, Sausage Rack and cover for $ 129.00



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I bought a MES30 as my first smoker, but then also bought a Weber Smokey Mountain smoker.  I prefer the charcoal.

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