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MES 30" water tray?

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I am relatively new at this smoking stuff but am really loving it.


How many of you folks actually put water/juice or any other liquid in electric smoker?  I have been using it and putting things like water, maybe apple or pineapple juice or vinegar in there.  Smoker seems to get really moist during the smoke and I am getting some leaking of moisture at the door and window.


I am not sure if I should even be putting anything in there and just use it a drip pan.  None of the recipes I see call for or specify what should be put it there.


What do you folks do as far as water goes in your MES's, what do you use and when?


I am smoking a butt today and I will not use anything in the water tray for the first time so I have a basis for comparison.


Thanks for any input. 

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I'm a new MES smoker also, but after a lot of research, it seems the majority say not to use any liquid in the water pan. I smoked some country style ribs the other day, nothing but foil in the water pan, and they turned out great.

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There is no need to put water in the pan. You can either leave it empty and foil it to be used as a drip pan or fill it with sand and foil it to be used as a heat sink. Either way works fine..

Smoke it up.
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Yep. Like William said, I just filled my pan with sand (it now acts as a heat sink to help keep temps stable) and double wrapped it in foil to keep the sand clean.

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I use liquids in the drip pan, not always, but in my opinion there is a difference in taste. I'm told science says otherwise and a majority disagree, but I follow my tastebuds. Do what works for you. . . And what makes less of a clean up issue!
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