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Smoking venison sausage roll without cooking it

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Please forgive me, as I don't even have the terminology down yet.
What I would like to do is smoke some venison sausage, in a roll,without cooking it. Basically, something similar to Jimmy Dean. My biggest dilemma is keeping them together. Should I just put them on a fine grate or make aluminum foil boats with holes punched in them? Something else entirely?
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I believe you have to cold smoke them. If you can do this while keeping temperature under 40° you won't need to add a cure. Any thing above this temperature puts the meat in the danger zone of contamination, hence the need for a cure.
I'm in the process of researching the risks of cold smoking to add a unique flavor to my game sausage.
The confusion starts when you want fresh, verses semi -dry & dryed sausages. Different cures and techniques are required for each one. If I find my information I will post. Good luck
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I believe you can cold smoke without cure for up to 3 hrs and then put back into fridge to cool down again ... but I would wait to here from the experts (i'm not one of them)...

PS. In the future if you will put your post under the correct sub-forum (sausage for this one).. you will get more responses as most people don't look at the "new members" sub forum for sausage help....
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Ground meat has the highest risk of bacteria mixed throughout. If you can't keep the smoker under 40°F DON"T DO IT!. As JD pointed out, under SOME circumstances, intact meat like a Steak, Chops, you can put an hour or two cool smoke, then finish cooking to a safe IT, But it is not recommended with sausage...JJ

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