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With a lot of help from a friend

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I've been making sausage and smoking meats for about two years. I have, what I consider to be, a very good internet friend who has become a sort of mentor to me. with his help the last couple of years I slam dunked a true loin ham.

In the brine for a few days.


Out of the brine, in a water bath, dried and applied the rub, vacuum sealed and back in the fridge for a few more days


Into my low budget smoker with a mix of cherry and apple for a few hours to an INT of 155.


Out of the smoker just before a foil wrap to rest overnight


Two hams to vacuum seal and freeze one sliced into sandwich meat and ham steaks


And the best part of the project , thanks for looking

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Great looking smoke! Nice meal!

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A123, nice job !!!!:points:

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Need help, cant post
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Primeaux, if wanting to post from a Droid phone, scroll to bottom center and hit Desktop, then you can post a new thread from there. That's the way I do it
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