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Message From Leah (Through Bear)

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Message From Leah 



I have spoken a few times to our favorite "Wino & Wood Chips" girl, "Leah", and she asked if I would give everyone a message from her.


Leah was an Outstanding Addition to this forum, but I understand entirely where she's coming from, so I didn't insist that she return to us until she is ready to on her own. 


That said, below is her message to all of her SMF Friends.






"I left the site due to my life getting very busy and to the point where I could no longer just 'log in' and remark to all things the way I innately and genuinely wish to. (I don't ignore nice comments, and so I'm not someone who could merely "check in" once a month, as I believe in replying to each and every kind remark and every day). That's who I am.
I absolutely LOVED my time there, entirely, adored chairing the "winos" group (and hope it is by now quite successfully re-chaired by someone - as I cared greatly about that and thus requested that it be re-assigned, before I left) - and I loved the people, learned so much about food from all, and am very proud and supportive of what Jeff has created, tenfold!
If ever a right moment to rejoin makes sense, I'll jump right in! Meanwhile, if anyone has PM'd or commented on threads and not heard from me, it is because I left prior to receiving such and thus never ever saw it and no longer have access to such and most certainly didn't ignore anyone nor would I ever.
It is with fond smoking site memories that I wish everyone a very safe and succulent and Merry Christmas, and hope that food abounds and good libation too! XOXOXOXOXO, Leah"

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Hope she comes back sometime when she is ready,, she had some cool dishes,,,very tasty I'm sure  and different varieties 


Tell Her Merry Christmas next time you talk to her Bear. 



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It's a shame, she had many colourful posts on the forum!
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please wish her well from the Oregon Smoker when you talk to her next. she, her posts and the great foods will be greatly missed.



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Well Wishes from East Texas, I can understand, I am just glad that's all it is. I will sure miss (and have missed ) her wonderful post, recipes and fantastic pictures.



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Heck, she got me into enjoying eating fried Salmon skin.   I will miss her contributions.

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Hey Leah........

The best to you from your smoking buddy on the other coast. Hope all is well....




PS......Thanks Bear

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I noticed she hadn't been around. Glad to know she's ok. Hope to see her again soon!

She made some fish heads look GOOD!
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Leah, Wander back and say howdy... You are missed... Dave
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Bear, thanks for posting about Leah.

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We all (or most of us) have had to take a break from time to time.

Leah is missed as are all the folks that we get used to seeing post here.

  This is why we depend on the new folks to get in here and learn and to start helping other new folks by giving the proper information to questions asked.

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This morning Leah crossed my mind because I hadn't seen her here in a while.  Found this thread and certainly understand how she feels.  Leah is one beautiful smiling spirit who will be welcomed back when the time is right for her with open arms, big e-hugs, and lots of enthusiasm by everyone. 

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