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Water-Bath BBQ Sauce Canning Questions

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I just did this yesterday - Made my homemade BBQ sauce (which my family and everyone we know loves), sterilized a jar, and water-bath canned it for 25 minutes.


However, I now have concerns about it...My sauce contains a little butter (about 1 Tbsp butter to 4 cups of sauce, butter is used to saute onions at the beginning of cooking).


All the recipes I can find online for CANNING BBQ sauce contain NO butter, or oil. 


My one jar that I water-bath canned looks beautiful, with no bubbles, and it created a tight seal. 


What are the chances that it won't be safe, if stored in my pantry?  Does anyone know about this kind of thing?


Thanks for any help!


- Katie

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Canning is a tricky subject. Your best bet would be to contact the your county or state Agricultural department and ask them. Let them know your exact recipe and the processes you went through prior to canning the sauce. They will know all the safe times, and will be able to point you in the right direction with your recipe. With water bath canning it comes down to the proper acidity level being maintained. Most BBQ sauce recipes that I have seen do not process the veggies in butter or oils prior to canning. They are cooked down raw with the rest of the ingredients.


If you make contact let us know the results so we can all be better informed.

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