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getting manufacturers involved

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I've been reading & reading & reading &...........posts about various smokers making up my mind about what I'm going to buy. one thing that gets me is how many of these smokers need tweeking in order to work properly. some of the mods range from simple to semi-major. I have some high end air rifles & have been on several forums. back in the 50's & 60's Crosman built some air rifles that were firearm quality. over the years interest lulled & their products became cheaper & more entry level in quality. when the high end stuff became more popular people were looking to upgrade some of their guns & were looking for parts & gunsmiths. crosman started watching the forums, paid attention, & the result was an onlineĀ custom shop, a line of parts, & several new higher end rifles. we all know that the bottom line is what motivates corporations & crosman is enjoying an increase in sales & profitsĀ I wonder if the same could happen if the companies making smokers would look around this forums & others like it?

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ok most mods on most all kinds of smokers is simple...the hard ones are improvements....just use the wool type I/8 inch thick by 1/2 wide and seal the doors..and use the heat caulking for the metal to metal joints to eliminate the smoke leaks and air infiltration...

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Masterbuilt does monitor the forums. When they came out with the Gen 2, it was a disaster. The new Gen 2.5 has several modifications on it that were suggested and discussed on this very forum.
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