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A-Maze-N Smoke tube

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Saw they had the tubes and trays on the shelves at  Gander Mountain today. I a tray, but not a tube. Took a tube from the box and checked it out. Appears to be very well built, like the tray, but can't figure out what makes a tube better than a tray, or vice versa. Thoughts?

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The tube works in propane smokers and high altitude, above 5000 ft I believe. The tray will not work in either. But, the tray will give up to 9 hrs of smoke at lower elevations.
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You can go to Todd's website. He explains the uses of the trays and tubes.
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Thanks. The elevation is not a factor, and I use hot plates in my propane smoker for lower temps, so it looks like the tray is right for me.

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