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Source for wood

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I'm new to stick cooking, and need a source for various woods. Where does everybody get their wood?
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I usually buy my wood and charcoal at Academy. 


But you can look online. Craigslist usually has people selling various smoking woods. Seems the going price is about $50-75 per rick/cord face, which 1/3 of a cord for stuff like hickory and pecan. Oak and mesquite seem to be a little cheaper, depending on where you are. Fruit woods like apple, pear, cherry are more expensive. 

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Thank you, I'm looking for a source for fruit wood sticks.
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Originally Posted by Double007 View Post

Thank you, I'm looking for a source for fruit wood sticks.

Where are you located? How much do you want to buy at one time? Fresh cut, or seasoned? Logs, or splits? Length? Lots of variables...

Define fruit woods... Some are easier to get than others, depending on your location...
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Seasoned split, 10-18 inches, Apple mostly, located in Florida,
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We have several Floridians on here, so someone should be able to assist soon.

Apple wood in FL may be pricy in splits since that's not a large crop product for your state. However, if you do a google search you'll find these folks, no prices, but they hav apple.
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Thank you, I'll give them a call they're about two hours away. Might be time for a road trip.
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Make sure the wood is not from an orchard that was chemically treated. We have tons of apple orchards up here but most have been sprayed with insecticides so I stay away from that wood. I now grow my own apple trees specifically for the wood. Having a few fresh apples ain't bad either.

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Good point thank you. It's the same around here with orange trees.
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