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Howdy Everyone!

I am living in Georgia, retired and wanting to get into smoking more.  I have done cold smoke as well, and want to try more of that.  We have room on our property to eventually build a small smoke house.  I am looking forward to this forum to learn form everyone!

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Welcome to SMF,


Glad to have you on board. Good luck with your build!

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Glad to see you Rick, and wecome to the Forum!
I'm interested in cold smoking, and look forward to seeing any of your input!
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Thanks SmokeyMose,
Do you have a cold smoke setup currently?
I have very limited exposure to cold smoking, was a few years ago when i was working up in Virginia. Got to work with Smithfiled Hams as part of a 4H extension project and followed their process for a Smithfield Ham, which is not quite like a country ham; takes at least 6 months to age, and its a lot saltier tasting, needs to be boiled before eating, etc. I also spent 7 years in Alaska, and used a little smoker to do all my fish.
Now that I am retired and have some time on my hands, i really want to get into smoking, and trying to set things up right.
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Sounds like you're way ahead of me, Rick! I only recently got into sausage making, have only made fresh, and have been researching "cold" smoking as something to get me through the winter (I don't relish hanging out on the patio minding the gasser in the cold).
Sounds like you have some welcome experience which will be appreciated around here!
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Welcome to SMF you ill find a lot of help and information  here check around the sight or just ask questions help is here enjoy

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texas.gif  Good evening and welcome to the forum, from a really nice, sunny day here in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything. 



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