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Thanksgiving Leftovers

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Have to Share !

What to do with Leftovers ? Well I just finished smoking a Thanksgiving left over casserole. Took a deep chicken roaster , put 5 tablespoons butter in bottom then 1st layer left over Mashed Potatoes about 2" deep , 2nd layer was a thin layer left over corn , 3rd layer was chopped up Turkey , 4th layer about 1 1/2 cups Turkey gravy , 5th layer was heaping mound of Stuffing , Smoked on my longhorn at about 300 for 1 hr using a little Cherry and Apple Wood . Nothing left over anymore and everyone is as miserable as we were after the main meal yesterday !!!!

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Sounds like a winner! I'm planning to use some leftover turkey from my smoked ones on some enchiladas tomorrow.
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