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maintaining heat in the chamber

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So we cooked Thanksgiving Fri instead of Thurs, due to scheduling issue. Anyway, I decided to try a twice smoked ham. Honey mustard then brown sugar, and then onto the OK Joe I just got. Apple/Oak mix for some good smoke, and the cooking chamber around 220F. I smoked it for two hours, then foiled it and used pineapple juice and more sugar for a glaze. Here's the issue I had. I was able to keep the cooking chamber at 220F-240F, but was having issues getting the IT up to anywhere near 140. How do y'all heat your smoker, charcoal, wood, or what. I would like to attempt a Boston Butt if I can figure out how to keep that thing hot enough.

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did you go off the temp gauge came with the smoker?The OK Joe was my 2nd smoker I bought and those temp gauges never work correctly. Better off buying a good digital thermometer, like a maverick.
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Hard to say. 


How big was the ham? was it frozen when you put it in the smoker? How big was the fire? Are you sure your temp gauges work properly?


Even in cold weather I don't have many problems getting my meat up to 140 if my cook chamber is in the 225-250 range. 

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This was a 13 lb. ham, not frozen, allowed to sit about an hour before I started. I suspect that the IT thermometer might be the culprit, since it was all I had around the house. I will probably have to invest in a better thermometer.

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Even if you don't spring for one those fancy digital wireless units, a regular meat thermometer or instant read digital pen style meat thermometers are only $10 or $12. Every cook should have at least one. I have two and use them on everything. 

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Yes I just saw a digital probe type thermo for 14 bucks at Wal-Mart. Thought I would look online and see what's out there. Much like guns, I feel the world of smokers slowly drawing me in.

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