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Smoking sausage

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I've read about finishing with a water bath. Can someone please explain? Im going to try and smoke sausage in my brand new smoker next weekend.
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I don't water bath, but some do. It saves time and in some instances adds moisture.

What kind of sausage are you making? What type of smoker are you using?
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Going to buy some fresh sausage from a local butcher. Hopefully kielbasa. I have a wood horizontal smoker.
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Okay for fresh sausage you will want to run your out as cold as you can go. The reason being is they cook fast and you won't get much smoke flavor. Another option would be to cold smoke and then grill them.
To cold smoke ask the butcher if he used cure. If he didn't then you would need to cold smoke under 40. If he did use cure then you can cold smoke at higher temps.
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Thanks so much.
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