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Tuesday 12:00 PM - Spatchcocked 3 turkeys and in the brine till tomorrow Note: I bought a new pair of pruning shears, they do a super job.

Wednesday 11:00 AM – Fired up smoker, pulled 2 birds out of the brine, rinsed, patted dry and seasoned, ready for their big debut. I used about a chimney full of Kingsford Blue in the bottom of my basket and added a chimney of lit coals then a couple of pecan splits.

(Brine)  1 gal of water, 1 cup of brown sugar, ½ cup of salt, 2 Tbl. Of Juniper berries and 2 Tbl of whole pepper corns (both slightly crushed) Mix well.  (I used 5 gal. to get all 3 birds covered.


(Seasoning)  3 Tbl. Of baking Powder, 3 Tbl. Of Honey Powder 1 Tbl of black pepper, 1tsp. each of onion powder, sage and garlic powder. Mix well. I put it in my shaker can to apply evenly. (This recipe is actually a dry brine and you add salt) and apply it to a bird that has not been wet brined. The baking powder helps crisp up the skin. Note: you will see after about an hour that the baking powder really dry’s the skin and has a white residue. Now is the time to oil it. You can use your favorite cooking spray or rub it with cooking oil or EVOO.


11:45 AM - Two Turkeys on the smoker, Using Pecan

2:30 PM - One turkey is ready one needs about 30 more min.

3:00 PM – Both turkeys resting on the counter

3:05 PM – Turkey #3 on the smoker

3:45 PM – One Turkey Wrapped in Foil and being delivered to some friends along with a little pulled pork, a couple of packages of my breakfast sausage and a bag of frozen peaches.

4:00 PM - Smoker chugging away at 300° and I’m coasting

5:40 PM – Last turkey was ready, Pulled it off and resting on the counter.

I took all the Birds to 165 ° and were prepared and smoked identical.

After my wife had finished baking I put the turkey in the oven to start warming.

I left it wrapped in foil and set the oven for 250° once the turkeys IT was over a 100° I peeled back the foil and bumped the temp to 350° for about 30 min. till it was nice and hot.



1 gal of brine mixed with enough for two more gallons  (Not enough)





Turkeys waiting for Surgery




First Contestant 





These are my new pruning shears  (Do a great job)




Surgery was a success 





All three Birds in the Brine



First Turkey out of the brine and ready for some seasoning





Smoker ready for some hot coals






Both Birds seasoned up and waiting patiently 





Ready to go on





This was after about an hour




First bird off the smoker and resting





Both birds resting






Contestant #3 on the smoker



About midway



#3 finished and resting




This Turket was super moist and jucy  No dry Breast  Everyone said it was perfect






A very nice Thanksgiving    Thanks for looking



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Nice smoke Gary!

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Birds look great.


Great job.

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Hey Thanks guys and for the points   



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Looks Fantastic from my house!!Thumbs Up-----------------:points:


Awesome color.:drool


Looks like you won Gary!!  Wore those first two out, and while they rested you moved on to #3 !!Thumbs Up


Nice Job!!Thumbs Up




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Thank you John and for the point



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Full of Turkey, time for turkey salad and sandwiches now 



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Very nice , my friend .drool.gif:drool
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Wow almost missed this one,they look fantastic



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Thanks Richie    and for the point



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Yes sir! Another perfect smoke!

Spatchcocking is a great way to cook birds. When prepped like yours were, they stay juicy as heck!

points.gif for the show!
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As per usual Gary, ya knocked another smoke outta the park ! icon14.gif Great thread & info, spatching & brining make one tasty & moist bird ! Very nice smoke !
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Gary, What an awesome trio. Those birds look absolutely great. points.gif
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Forgot about the thumb:points.gif
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Incredible post Gary b


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Thanks Brian,  still raining at your house?



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Originally Posted by gary s View Post

Thanks Brian,  still raining at your house?



It is a mess over here Gary. 5 inches of rain over the last few days.  I wanted to toss a brisket on the new unit.  But no WAY am I going to fight the cold rain and wind. 

Guess it will be over on Monday. But I'll be in Orlando then! LOL

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Rained here all day still raining,  not as much as you and the DFW area  I've had about 2.5 at my house



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Great job Gary sure made some people happy
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Terrific Thanksgiving Turkey! Nice smoke, Gary.





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