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So after my boneless trial run


I'm going bone in for Tday (ok MY Tday on saturday). I plan on brineing like mentioned in that message, and letting air dry, then the mild rub & smoke.


I've got a MES so can't go to high, planning on 225 again, approx how long for a 5.5#?


I think I'll be using cherry dust in my Amazin thingy, not sure if I wanna mix in something else or not.


I saw one post say it was like 5.5-6 hrs, and another was only like 3-4hrs, hoping to nail it down better to match serving time of other foods & traditional bird in oven (wifey wants both?!)


Any other hints/tips suggestions?


It's probably going to be cold out too, supposed to be 32ish all day, so can't remember how well my MES keeps up with the cold.