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smoked steelhead

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I just got a smoker this summer and started my adventure. Well as lady I know takes her fish (that her husband catches) to local meat shop to have smoked. They don't do fish so it is thrown in with beef. Has way to much smoke and they would pretty much give it away. I talked her into letting me try and smoke one so I got some experience and they could try something different. Needless to say they don't give away the steelhead anymore and have brought me many more to smoke for them. They can't get enough LOL. So I thought I would share some pics.
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Looks so good! Got a steelhead permit this year and haven't gone out. 

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most folks don't understand that the most smoke is not always the best smoke. Well done.

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That looks good I like a light smoke on Salmon I think Steelhead would be about the same.Point for you for being a good neighbor.



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Nice work there. 

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nice job 

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