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First time smoking a turkey - - - YUMMY!

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We have had the smoker about a year and fooled around with some ribs, a chicken or two, etc. but this is the first time we have tried smoking a turkey as we normally deep fry them.


So, started out with a 14 lb turkey, defrosted it and put it in the brine solution in the refrigerator for 36hrs.


Brine Solution


1 1/2 gal of ice water with lots of ice

1/2 gal of tap water

2 cups of dark brown sugar

1 1/2 cups of kosher salt

1/4 cup of Old Bay Seasoning

1 tsp Chinese Five Spice

Juice of two lemons

Juice of two oranges


Brought tap water to boil, took off stove and added all ingredients except for the ice water.  Let sit and stir occasionallyuntil all dissolved. 


Put turkey in clean 5 gallon bucket, pour in ice and ice water, add brining solution and add enough ice until turkey is covered.  Put in refrigerator.


Remove from refrigerator about 18hrs before you are going to smoke it and put the turkey in a pan, blot dry and place in the refrigerator to let skin dry (for crispy skin).


Took the turkey out, stuffed it with cut up apples and oranges, used basting mop to coat with pure maple syrup, then I put my homemade dry rub (with lots of brown sugar in it) all over the turkey.


Put in smoker at about 325 until the breast hit 165.  Removed it, placed it back in pan and covered it with aluminum foil to sit for about 30 minutes.  


Photos are before, during and after.   BOY!  WAS IT GOOD!!!




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great job!

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Marvelous !biggrin.gif
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