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flame too low

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My Smoky Mountain propane smoker got to 219f before I put the turkey in @ 6AM PT; temperature dropped to 139, slowly rose to 149. How do I get it back up to >200f so the bird will be done by 2PM?
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Opening the door and putting in a big, cold turkey will require some time to recover. Just a fact of the cooker. Just have patience and it will recover and cook your turkey in time.

Good luck.
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Thanks, but after four hours @ <155f, I moved the bird to a small electric smoker I use @ RV resorts. Electric smoker is now north of 165f, so hope it gets to >200f for the few hours left.
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Are you going by the thermometer in the smoker? They are almost always way off from the actual temp at the level of the meat.
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Propane tanks have a built in safety valve... Turn off the gas to the smoker... turn off the tank.... Turn the tank on S-L-O-W-L-Y... to reset the valve... You might hear a click when the valve opens and resets... It should work correctly after that....
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Not just the dial on the smoker, but also the iGrill app.
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