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Turkey Temp Rising Too Fast?

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I'm smoking my first turkey this morning.  Its a little 9 lb guy.  I have it in my traeger at 250 but the temp seems to be rising to fast.  It is already at 118 and I was planning on it staying in another 3 hrs or so.  Should I lower the temp or just let it get to 165 then pull off and store in a cooler wrapped in foil?  What say the experts. 

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You can lower the temp a little as long as you get to 140 within 4 hours. Generally the temp will stall some as you get closer to your finish temp. I do wrap mine in foil and put in a cooler to rest, and it will stay hot that way for hours. The problem with that if you want crispy skin that will make it soften. I

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I wouldn't adjust your smoker temp.  The turkey will slow down cooking a bit around 120-140 .  If your going to eat in 3 hours then you'll be fine. Take it off when the breast temp hits 165. 

Remember to let if sit on the counter for 30 minutes to redistribute the juices before you carve it.  

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Had this happen last night while cooking. My Probe was shallow! Checked with an Instant read in another place. Instant read showed actual 25 degrees low than I thought, Double check temp elsewhere...JJ

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Mine was 155 in like 2 hours...i cut the temp down and it has been at 160 for 45 minutes
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