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thanksgiving 2015 begins!

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Made up this brine I got from the world market earlier today to allow it to cool. Almost 8 pound breast (4 people don't pay to do whole bird) tossed it in a food grade pail and added the gamna on it to keep it air tight. Got a curve ball thrown this year as I don't have a fridge large enough to place it in and usual leave it outside as typically is 30 out. Not this year. ..40 for a low so I placed the pail in a cooler and added 20 pounds of ice around it and covered with a towel then a heavy winter flannel. Redneck cooling you could say.

Got to smoke it old fashion on my weber as my hot rod in my pellet grill keeps popping my gfi. New one won't be here for few weeks but we will make it happy. I test ran my mini and it might actually be what I will use. We shall decide in the morning!
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all seasoned with a rub I put together. Includes: cumin, chili powder, onion and garlic powder, little salt, ground thyme, cinnamon, nutmeg, paprika... good no salt seasoning as it was brine and I tasted the brine before going into the turkey and it was salty (brine always are)

More to come. Cooking indirect on my kettle at 290-300. Have my amps going with hickory. Smells good!
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Rain can't stop me!

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great smoke from Todd Johnson amps! Worked awesome.

Cooked at 300 and reached 165 in 2 and half hours.

Finished look before coming off grill
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