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Help with brisket and turkey

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Hey guys. I'm new to this site so bear with me as this is probably in the wrong section. Anyways I'll introduce myself. Im 17 years old and been smoking since I was 14. Cooking since I was 3. I purchased a MES 40" for a STEAL at academy today for $199 8 hours before it was supposed to be on sale (must have been in the fine print. All I seen was it was today but the manager helped me out and gave it to me for sale price)

Anyways. Onto my dilemma. I am smoking the turkey for tomorrow. Highest temp I can set the MES for is 275 but as you'll see further down. I'm cooking at 225. My 12 pound turkey is bringing and I'll be injecting and rubbing later. How long should I prepare to smoke it for? I Need it done for noon

Also. My grandfather heard of my purchase and went out and bout me a brisket to cook too. (ran out of rub ingredients do I just bought some gourmet steak rub. Lots of herbs. Never tried an herb crusted brisket before) I injected it and it's sitting in the fridge. It's a 7 pound brisket flat. Trimmed injected and rubbed. Normally I wrap my briskets but I'm gonna try the standard Texas way of doing things (even though I'm in Louisiana) and not wrap it. Just mop it every now and then. So. How long should a 7 pound brisket flat. Without wrapping. Take at 225?

Thanks for your time
Pitmaster T-Naq. Smokin ts bbq
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12 lbTurkey ~ 7 hrs @ 225 until IT is 165 (thickest part of the breast/thigh)


7 lb Brisket ~ 11 hours @ 225 until IT is 195 (passes the toothpick test)


These are all ball park numbers but should get you close.


- Willie (expat from New Iberia, LA)

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Thank you Willie. A little late on the reply but your numbers are pretty accurate. I raised temp to about 275 at about hour 6 of brisket/hour 2 of turkey to help get the brisket through the stall and crisp up the turkey skin. Meat was GREAT!! Brisket had perfect tenderness at a number 2 pencil slice. And turkey breast was dripping when I cut it. Only thing I have to work on Now is my poultry rub (I only cooked whole poultry twice before. Usually just do wings)

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Good looking plate. Glad it turned out well.




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texas.gif  Good evening and welcome to the forum, from a rainy and chilly day here in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything. 



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