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Stinky meat

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I bought a rack of ribs Monday night at Wal-Mart, I opened them tonight to get them rubbed up and ready to smoke tomorrow. As soon as I cut the package open the smell hit me! It was the worst smelling meat I have ever experienced. What a waste of money!
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Take them back. Any use by date?
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I'm guessing that it's just a factor of the cryovac process? I've smelled it many times as well. If you rinse it off and it dissipates all is good. If it's off color or has a green or rainbow sheen (ugh) or the smell doesn't go away it's gone over.....

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If the meat looks good when you buy it and it's not beyond the expiration date, I would bet that the odor goes away once you've rinsed it. Like Krooz said, it's just the reaction with the Cryovac. I've seen it many times and never had any bad meat from that.
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