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Early Thanksgiving: WSM/OTG 26 - Bird, S-mashed Taters, Veggie Gravy, - Page 2

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DANG IT MAN!!! That looks great!!! 


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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Eric that looks great,I would eat all of that. Thanks for sharing



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Thank you, everyone!!!


I was just kicking back after getting home from work and scarffing-down on some leftovers from last night. I had some time to reflect on the events throughout the creation of that meal. This is one I won't soon forget, nor will the rest of the family, I'm sure.


I had some unforeseen issues such as the broken leg support on the kettle, and the late delivery of the fresh mushrooms...I had to have very fresh (none available here), and that completely changed how I wanted to finish that dish. So, a few plans had to be changed. But, there was never anything that was going to stop or drastically change the final outcome. I made up my mind that nothing was stopping me from doing any of my dishes. Sometimes we are faced with challenges and need to respond quickly and make a decision on the best course of action. Come up with a new plan and stick to it, until something else blocks that path (trust me, it rarely only happens once per day when you have a lot going on...LOL)'s a game of improvising and adapting. Sometimes, I think I must be one of the best at adapting, but I'm really not doing anything out of the ordinary. Everyone of us has that ability. I just try to stay calm and collect my thoughts. Look for solutions to the problem and don't dwell on what could have been, but instead, focus on what can be. Find that vision and make it happen to the best of your ability.


We do some things traditional, but I'm an experimenter...and everyone who eats the results always enjoys it...because it's something new. The gravy was a creation from a year or two back, but it's a requested part of our Thanksgiving Day meals, now...traditional, with a twist or, a new tradition was born. Another example is smoked prime rib for Christmas dinner: ever since I did my first one in a smoker, everyone wants it smoked...a new tradition was born.


On a side note: my oldest daughter was going to make traditional mashed potatoes...peel, cut and boil. She had to work, but came home early at around 12:30pm, if I recall...she would have had time, but was doing other dishes, as well. A couple days earlier, I asked her if I should smoke the taters, then, she wouldn't have to cook them...of course, she and I, among others in the family, love them smoked. She agreed, so, smoked it is. That's just one example of how you can expand on your original plan and incorporate more into your outdoor cooking. Don't set anything in flexible, within reason. It is easy to be tempted to overload yourself or your cookers by taking on too's up to you to decide when enough is enough. Sometimes I forget that, and I get bit in the butt an have to really scramble to keep things rolling, and oddly, I seem to take it in stride when the pressure is on.


OK, I went a little deep in thought there...main point being: if you really want to try new things, just trust your instincts and go with the flow. If something blind-sides you, find another way to accomplish your goals. If you're not sure if it can be done with the resources you have at your disposal, just ask. Plenty of us here are more than willing to help...and we'll all learn something from it at the end of the day.


Lastly, don't be afraid to start new traditions...those are the moments in life that are worth sharing the most. Old family traditions should be honored and never be lost, but don't forget what defines who YOU are.


Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!




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All I can say is WOW! Sounds like quite the project, but everything looks fantastic. You know you have a winner when the points are flying so fast and furious they get lost track of 😊 Here's one from me as well!
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Thanks, brother!!! Yeah, I got busy with stuff and got behind there for a while.


If you're one for a little challenge now and then, try expanding your skills and utilize your cooker capacity a bit more by adding to your menu plans. It's a great way to eventually crank out nearly a compete meal, just by adding a few items for sides. Some guys just do meats and nothing else, but you'll impress yourself with just a little extra effort and forethought.




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Who doesn't do this, right? But, I have a little edge over the almost secret weapon...the smoked veggie gravy (big hunk on the left):



Just melting a quart of leftover gravy into the pot after the rice was finished cooking...I added about an extra quart of water to dilute, 'cuz, it was TOO THICK...LOL!!!



A very satisfying meal after a day working in the snow (snowed off and on for the last three days and nights):



The last of our leftover smoked and roasted turkeys are now on the verge of being consumed...:drool


Don't forget turkey soup, casseroles, and whatever else you can conjur up!!!


Great smokes to all, and to all a good night!!!




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Nice soup! Looks hearty :drool

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Thanks, DB, it was really good. 2 bowls of the soup and I had to wait until I could shake it into my legs to make room for pumpkin pie...LOL!!!




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HEY, DukeBurger!!!! I see your leftover Brisket Hash and Brisket Panini and raise you one browned ground beef and smoked mushroom with rice!!!


Had this in the freezer since our turkey day and everyone was busy running today, so we were faced with kind of a late dinner, but to make things a bit easier and quicker, the smoked mushrooms and rice was just the ticket.


3lbs of frozen schrooms/rice (still have 1lb in the freezer...:yahoo:) into the skillet over GB...added about 1-1/4 cups water to help it long:




OK, now it's not as pretty to look at as DB's leftover brisket creations, but I think the taste made up for the looks:









Tasty...oh, and did I say very filling? I had to to yank on the reins before I loaded up a second plate...gotta let this settle for a bit while I decide if I'm full or not!!!


OK, still in on this hand???




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Looks flavorful, that's for sure! We should have some kind of a leftover potluck here!!

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Originally Posted by DukeBurger View Post

Looks flavorful, that's for sure! We should have some kind of a leftover potluck here!!


Thanks, DB!!!


Hey, I figure if you enjoyed putting it together and eating it, then it's worth sharing on the forums, too...seems there's always something different coming from leftovers. And everyone has different ideas and unique ways of bringing it together.




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