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Chicken Wings

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A few weeks ago my wife wanted me to smoke something for some friends that were coming over. I didn't have a lot of time during the day so we settled on some wings.


I've been happy in general with the wing results from my smoker. For this batch I just seasoned it with a very light rub of brown sugar, cayenne pepper and salt. I think I left them in a little long. The meat was drier than I like.


So my options for improvement are:


a) not be an idiot and actually use my timer

b) soak wings in a brine beforehand

c) inject wings with liquid seasoning


I'm going to suggest a for myself no matter what, I'm really bad about timers and I need to use them more. However of the last two, any thoughts on wings? Injecting seems like a lot of work for a small piece. With a brine maybe only 1 to 2 hours sitting in liquid? I don't want them to get too salty. Any other thoughts on making better smoked wings?


Everyone loved the flavor by the way, so it's a win either way! I smoked at 275 in a MES over a mix of hickory and apple wood. I slathered half of them with a barbecue sauce and half with Franks Red Hot after they came out.






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Sorry late to this party but dang it man them look good 


A full smoker is a happy smoker 



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Tasty looking wings!

I really like injected wings. They are a bit of work but when allowed to sit overnight after injecting they are worth it.

If you just marinate go for at least 8 hours and if possible overnight.

Have a look in the poultry section of this thread. There are some really good options for different types of wings:
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Originally Posted by driedstick View Post

Sorry late to this party but dang it man them look good 


A full smoker is a happy smoker 






Welcome to SMF





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