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First time smoking turkey legs

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I have an electric masterbuilt smoker. This thanksgiving I want to try and smoke a few turkey legs. Please help!!! Dry or wet brine? How high should I have the heat and for how long?
Thank you!!
Also, I herd with electric smokers poultry can taste rubbery. Is this true?
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Dry or wet brine would depend on the flavor you are looking for. If you are looking for something like at the fairs or Disneyland then you probably will want to use cure #1. If you are looking for just smoked turkey legs then any wet brine used for used for turkey will work . I personally just rub salt, pepper, and garlic on them and call it good. I like the skin to crisp up so I run at higher temps. Your smoker only goes to 275° so  I would run it there. If they aren't crisp you can always throw them under the broiler or on a hot grill. You need to cook the legs to an internal temperature of 165° min. At the higher temps this wont take long. Apple, cherry,pecan are good wood choices.

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Thank you!!
Would you be able to tell me at 275 how long 6 legs might take? I am new to smoking. So far I have made a few pork butts and a brisket. Speaking of prok butt, does turkey have a stall time like the pork butt do?
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Howdy Amanda

This might help you. Step by step on some legs I did a few month ago.  Good luck! b

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