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1 question for now

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I did all the calculations for a 120 gal smoker. The firebox size should be 20" X 23" X 23".


My question is if I put an ash tray in the bottom of the fire box is that in excess of my dimensions? So if I wanted a 3" ash tray do I increase my box height to 23" taking my cubic inches from 10580 to 12167". I plan on having my intake vents level to the fire pit to bring air into my FB and also some kind of air intake level to my cook chamber if that information helps.


I really thought building a smoker was just slapping a few pieces of metal together and calling it good. I did not realize how much of a science you guys have this broke down into.


I plan to continue reading this site over the next month before I cut anything to make sure I minimize my mistakes. From reading through a lot of this forum you seem to be building very reliable smokers that hold tem real well. I want the same for mine at the end of the day.


Jason Mott

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Make the FB as big as you want.... It doesn't affect the smoker... allows for more wood and more ash.....
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Does this look like a reasonable start? Does my FB opening look to be sufficient?



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How big, what size is the CC.....
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It is a 120 gallon tank. 24"ID.
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It appears you used Feldon's Calculator, from the numbers.... Here is a tutorial on building a reverse flow smoker...
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I did use the calculator. It definitely helepd getting all the volumes figured out I think. Do those numbers look ok and the air intakes?
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Yep.... look good enough to make a great smoker to me.....
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Thank you Dave. Heading to the steel yard today. Going to try and find enough to start on the fire box. Wont have the tank for another 6 weeks.

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Keeping a watchful eye on this as I thin I'm using the same tank as you. Keep the pics and thoughts coming
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Well had the holidays to get through and now I hope to start getting back on track. I have a layout all drawn up so I can get my material on order. I was wondering if someone could comment on my baffle plate. The fire box end starts at a height of 7.75" and the reverse flow opening end is 5.89".


Question is do I have too much drop? Am I going to cause air flow issues with that much drop? The reason for the drop is the drain. Most of you pot a 2" drain in and I intend to do the same.



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Run the numbers for 1.85 inches less in height on the circle calculator   ....    see how much volume you lose...  probably close to 50%..... 

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