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Grilling in icy cold temps?

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Is there any risk to my grill's metal if I suddenly fire it up when it's -4F outside?  I mean, my gut says metal expanding and contracting like that can't be good for it.  Do you guys grill in winter?  Any damage to your grills over time?

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Hi mummel.  This is one of those "curiuos" questions we all have.  I welded for many years.  What I think what you are worrying about is maybe ruining the outside of your smoker.  Causing rust; hot cold, hot cold,  etc. etc..  I don't know what smoker you use but  if the outside of your smoker has been properly treated and you take care of it you should have no problems.  The temps we are dealing with should not hurt your smoker.  Keep Smokin!


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No I was referring to my gas grill, Ducane Affinity. My smoker is packed away for the winter but I was curious about grilling in January. I love my grill and the model is discontinued so I don't want to mess it up.
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If you slowly being it up to temp, you'll be ok. Metal is a decent conductor of heat, but doesn't like a shock. Don't hit it with a MAPP gas torch, but start on low, lid open, close the lid after a bit, and then bring it up to cooking temps.

The metal will expand a bit when heating, so slow and easy will help. If you have an Amazen tray or tube, fire it up, place it on the grate, close the lid and let that kind of preheat the steel.

When I was in AK, many moons ago, our welders would work on thinner metals, but they would do a slow preheat first.
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Hello.  I agree.  Warm it up a bit before adding your chimney of hot coals for grilling.  Something you would not think about was that when welding thicker metal for pressure vessels ( oil field stuff ) you actually need to bring the temp up to about 250 before welding it.


The same is also true for the cool down.  Not that you would but don't do anything to cool it down quickly after you finish.  Just allow the grill to cool on it's own.  Just like allowing your meat to rest after cooking.  Keep Smokin.


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You said it is a gas grill?? We use our gas grills all winter long up here in Alberta. And believe me it get a whole lot colder than the temps you're talking about. I have never experienced any problems with the gas grill that were caused by cold weather grilling.

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Great, thanks guys. 

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TIP : Keep a relatively full tank of Propane , as it contracts in the cold and if low ,will not flow .

Just sayin'!

Happy cooking and . . .
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I agree as I grill all year long as my grill is under the covered entry to my house...we rarely use the stove or oven for meat..if its to windy is the only thing that bothers me ...although it still works just not good for the indirect method with smoke and in North Dakota...jeff

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