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Cold beer and ABTs' for a Sat evening

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I had an urge for some ABTs to go with my cold beer so here we go with the fixings-  shredded cheese, little smokies, cream cheese, jalapenos and of course some yummy bacon!

A little prep, I've been using only a third strip of bacon on top.

Ready for the smoker

Smoked for 2 hours with hickory/alder and then one more hour with no smoke staying at 225* the whole time.They went well with a cold(or two) brew


Thanks for looking !CM

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Looks tasty! Nice smoke!
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CM they look tasty have to make some with sausage,thanks for sharing


Thumbs Up

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CM, ya had my attention when I read cold beer & ABT's... Looks great & bet them brewskies washed the ABT's down real nice ! Making some ABT's for Thanksgiving, can't wait.... Been way too long since I've made some !
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Perfect little appy's. :drool

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Looks great! I was thinking I may make some for turkey day as well!
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You can't go wrong with an ABT, I was eating them cold yesterday while watching football and they were still awesome !

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I could use some of those! Nice smoke.



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Them looks good CM nice job ----NO PICS OF THE COLD BEER!!!:rules:  :police2: 


A full smoker is a happy smoker 



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You had me at cold beer.

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Looks awesome Happy Thanksgiving
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