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Smoking whole deer

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Has anyone on here smoked a whole deer like a pig? We want to try this next Friday at hunting camp wanted to see if could get any tips.
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SS, Deer doesn't have fat like a pig so you would have to baste the hell out of it so it wouldn't dry out. The fat a deer has would have to be removed as it adds a chapstick taste to your mouth! Tell us of the results!

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Planning on injecting and shouldn't have to cook as long as a pig. Pull it at 140°. Did figure spraying it down throughout the smoke
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Never seen it done before.  So I want to watch this one!  Was there adult beverages involved when you guys thought of giving this a try?

Seems like that when my better ideas come.... b

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I Cook whole pigs nearly every weekend and you get a lot of rendered fat from a whole pig, having carried out repairs at a friend of mines Game Processing Plant and seen Deer prepaired, the fat content is far lower, so basting would be the only way to go. Saying that, you would not have to cook to the higher temperatures required to cook Pork correctly.
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Like CrazyMoon said, you'd want (need) to remove all the fat from the deer. Deer fat not only coats your mouth like lard, it tastes really terrible.

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So did I miss how this turned out? If it's posted at another spot please send me the link b
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I'm waiting too, Brian

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