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Frying Turkey

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This has been covered , I hope , but I feel is an important bit of info.!!!

Before frying , measure the amt. of oil you will need by placing WATER in your fryer , then place the thawed Bird in it and mark the level on your fry pot . Fill with oil to this line. This is the amt. you need without overfilling and having a "boil over " causing damage and injury .

When you get your oil to 350*F , CAREFULLY lower the Tturkey into the fryer with the handle provided . You'll see the oil expand as it starts to cook the Turkey .

Time will be about 4-5 min. per pound frying time . Finished Temp . will be 165*F internal temp.

Have a great Thanksgiving and . . .
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Always good to have a reminder no room for a mistake in this game, Thanks

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